Prime mover in Automobile

Basics of the prime mover:-

In earlier days, when there was no technological advancement or inventiveness in the invention of mechanical machines, the human being had to rely on his physical strength and animal for a variety of tasks. However, with the advancement of engines and several energy sources to generate power from the engines, it is now possible to meet a variety of needs in our daily lives and work.

 What is the prime mover?

A prime mover is a device that transfers energy from natural sources into mechanical energy.

Various sources of energy used by prime movers:- Prime movers use different origins of energy. The several origins are as follow:-

Burning of fuels:-

This is the most important source of energy. When any fuel is combusted, it releases heat energy. The energy given out by fuel depends on the nature of the fuel burned. Different fuels have different calorific values, and heat is released by fuel based on that. This heat energy is then transformed into mechanical energy.

River water:-

It is yet another valuable and commonly used source of energy. The potential energy is contained in water flowing from a certain height. When this potential energy reaches the prime mover, it is converted into kinetic energy. The prime mover in this context is a hydraulic turbine that generates power. River water can also be used to generate steam in a boiler. Again, this steam is used to generate mechanical power in steam turbines and steam engines.


Atoms are being used as a good and rich source of energy due to technological progress. Atoms fission or fusion generate heat energy. Engines convert this thermal energy into mechanical work. 

Wind Energy:-

Because it is readily available everywhere, this source of energy is frequently employed nowadays. It is a renewable energy source.

Solar energy:-

The source of energy is also freely available, thus it is imprisoned in order to be used properly to generate power. It also falls under the category of a renewable energy source.

Types of prime movers:-

The prime movers are listed based on the sources of energy utilized by them. The arrangement is shown below:-

Thermal prime movers:- 

These are the prime movers which use the thermal energy of source to produce power. Different thermal prime movers are given below:-Fuels (Heat engines):- These prime movers use several fuels like petrol, diesel, oil, gas to produce mechanical power.

Fuels (Heat engines):- These prime movers use several fuels like petrol, diesel, oil, gas to produce mechanical power.

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