What is Engine? What are its Types?

 An automobile's engine is its beating heart. It's a mechanism that turns fuel's chemical energy into mechanical energy, which is then used to propel the vehicle. It is essentially a device that generates electricity. Internal combustion (IC) engines are utilised in automobiles. The IC engine is a type of engine in which combustion (fuel burning) takes place inside a cylinder and produces a high-pressure force suddenly. This pressure force is utilised to propel a vehicle or rotate a wheel through the use of a mechanism.

Internal combustion engine may be classified as given below-

According to the Design of Engine:

1. Reciprocating Engine (piston engine)

In the reciprocating engine, the pressure force generates by combustion exerted on the piston (A device which is free to move in reciprocation inside the cylinder) and it transmits the pressure force to the crankshaft by use of the connecting rod. So the crankshaft starts to rotate and rotate the wheel of the vehicle.

2. Rotary Engine (Wankel Engine)

In the rotary engine, there is a rotor that is free to rotate. The pressure force generated by the burning of fuel is exerted on this rotor, so the rotor rotates and starts to rotate the wheel of the vehicle.

According to Fuel use:

1. Diesel Engine (Compression Ignition Engine)

In a diesel engine, diesel is used as a fuel. It is also known as the C.I. engine because there is no extra equipment to burn the fuel. The burning of the fuel starts due to the temperature rise in the compression of air.

2. Petrol Engine (Spark Ignition Engine)

In the petrol engine, petrol is used as a fuel. It is also known as S.I. engine because in this the fuel is burned by the spark generated inside the cylinder by some extra equipment (spark plug).

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