Types of Automobile

 Types of Automobile

Introduction of the car or vehicle:

Automotive is a self-propelled vehicle that contains a power source for its propulsion and is used for the transport of passengers and goods on the ground, such as cars, buses, trucks, etc.

Types of Automobile;

Cars are classified in the following ways,


1.     On the Basis of Load:

·        Heavy-duty transport vehicle (HTV) or heavy-duty vehicle (HMV),

·        Light transport vehicle (LTV), Light motor vehicle (LMV),


2.     On the Basis of Wheels :

·        Two wheeler vehicle, for example, Scooter, motorcycle, scooter, etc.

·        Three-wheeler vehicle, for example, Autorickshaw,

·        Three-wheeler scooter for handicaps and tempo, etc.


·        Four wheeler vehicle, for example, Car, jeep, trucks, buses, etc.

·        Six wheeler vehicle, for example, Big trucks with two gear axles.


3.     On the basis of Fuel Used:

·        Petrol vehicle, e.g. motorcycle, scooter, cars, etc.

·        Diesel vehicle, e.g. trucks, buses, etc.

·        Electric vehicle which uses the battery to drive.

·        Steam vehicle, e.g. an engine that uses a steam engine.


·        Gas vehicle, e.g. LPG and CNG vehicles, where LPG is liquefied


4.     On the basis of body style:

·        Sedan Hatchback car.

·        Coupe car Station wagon Convertible.

·        Van Special purpose vehicle, e.g. ambulance, milk van, etc.


5.     On the basis of Transmission:

·        Conventional vehicles with manual transmission, e.g. car with 5 gears.

·        Semi-automatic


·        Automatic: In an automatic transmission, gears are not required to be changed manually.


6.     On the basis of Drive:

·        Left hand drive

·        Right hand drive


7.     On the basis of Driving Axle:

·        Front wheel drive

·        Rear wheel drive

·        All wheel drive


8.     Position of Engine:


·        Engine in Front - Most of the vehicles have engine in the front. Example : most of the cars,


·        Engine in the Rear Side Very few vehicles have engine located in the rear. Example : Nano car.

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