Automatic Transmission : Principle and Working

Automatic Transmission : Principle and Working

We are debating automatic transmission today. Bikes and vehicles are used by all of us. We are all aware of the need to adjust the torque according to driving condition. transmission box or gearbox. We used manual gearbox in previously, in which a hand or foot handle is worked and the gear has to be clutched through the witch. Yet know that trade shifts and car transmission is going. Many auto transmission cars and scooters are now used, and easy to handle and easy to use. But there is a problem of how the automatic transmission functions? Are we in automatic transmission using a traditional gearbox, or are there other arrangements? Can we turn our manual drive into an automatic drive without adjusting the gearbox? I will debate this topic today and kindly add a comment box if any questions arise in your mind. Soon I'm going to return to you. You read the following article before beginning this post fist.

Principle of Automatic Transmission:

We used sliding mesh or synchromesh transmission but we used epicyclical gearbox in automatic transmission. This form of gearbox does not use sliding dogs or gears to shift but only tightening brake bands on the gear drum produce different gear levels. This requires the electric, the pinion or the machinery of the earth and the ring equipment. The ring gear is enclosed by a brake band and includes the teeth on its inner circumference. The hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic oil controls the brake belt. The electronic sensor or the motion to the speed, load and opening of the accelerator valve is controlled. The planetary gears, with sun gear as well as ring gear, are in constant mesh and can be swung on their axes via the carrier system which is connected to the driving shaft. The spinning sun gear rotates the planet's gears when the ring truck is locked with the brake unit. As it is not possible to move the ring gear. The planet's machinery will move over it. The Ring Engine is used to travel over the planet's gears during this time. This rotates the driven shaft connected to a planet truck. The rotation of planetary gears revolving around their axis is freely carried out if the ring gear is released. There is no planetary movement at this position and the driven shaft is therefore stationary. There are a variety of these modules in a planetary gearbox to achieve different speed reductions.

Component of Automatic Transmission:

A converter box, an oil cupboard and a extension housing form the main element of the automatic transmission.  The converter housing is equipped with an epicyclic gearbox and the torque converter, while the extension housing contains the outlet. The oil bottle is bolted. Through bolts through hole in the housing flange, the entire transmission unit is attached to the engine block.

Working of Automatic Transmission:

The automatic drive is the same as manual drive except that it is hydraulically powered by the brake system. The motor shaft is connected to the clutch in the automatic transmission and is connected further to the torque converter turbine. The torque converter pushes a free wheel on the ring gear of the first gear. The second gear train's ring gear is then operated by the planet carrier of the first gear train in order to allow the two to operate in number.  In this arrangement, the brake is applied at three forward and one reverse speeds.

Hydraulically choosing the specific gear and applying the appropriate clutch and brake. The hydraulic pressure I regulates the oil pressure on one side of the shift valve by car speed and the opening of the throttle operated by the driver through the accelerator pedal, controlled by the oil pressure on the other side of the shift Valve.

Today, we have been exploring the theory and practice of automatic transmission. Please ask by email if you have any questions. Do not forget to share this article on social networks if you have any concerns about this article. For more informative articles, subscribe to our website. Thank you for reading it. Thanks for reading it.

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