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Trade Union: it’s Meaning and Definition | Trade Union

Trade unions are workers ' associations and are formed to protect employers from abuse and also to improve workers ' conditions. They are represented by trade unions. There is an important responsibility for the rise of trade unions due to the industrial revolution and the introduction of the manufacturing process structures in England and elsewhere.

Modern industrial institutions employ workers in conditions that render them individually unable to negotiate. The workers are unorganized and the employer is exploited. The working class is disgusted with this exploitation of the employers. We then join unions to shield themselves from employers ' exploitation.

It led the trade union movement to defend its rights, improve the living and working conditions and safeguard its interests. This campaign has now grown into a global movement from a small start to achieve social justice, economic equality, and the protection of democratic life values.

Meaning and Definition:

Trade Union is a national workers ' association shaped through collective actions to defend and promote their interests. It can be cropped, manufacturing, firm foundation, regional or national base. It can be formed. The trade union has been described differently by different writers and thinkers.

A few definitions are given below:

1. The Trade Union is a "continuous wage-earning association to preserve and improve their working conditions."

2. ' A syndicate means the workers ' union in one or more jobs – an activity primarily carried out to defend, support and promote the economic interests of its members about their day-to-day work. '
—G.D.H. Gole

3. "The syndicate is an association of employees whose main objective is to maintain or improve the working conditions of its members."


4. A trade union is an active association of employers, workers, and self-employed individuals, primarily designed for the advancement of their members ' interest and their trade.
—The Trade Union Act 1926

"A combination, temporary or permanent, which is mainly intended to regulate working people-employer relations, workmen-workers relationships or employers relations, and impose restrictive conditions on the conduct of a trade or business and shall include any federation of two or more trade unions."

To improve employment conditions for their members, a trade union is created. The word syndicate is confined here to the working people's association. The economic aspect of employment, working hours, working conditions, etc., is the cultural, economic and political interests of its members as described by Edwin B. Flippo. "A labor trade union is an organization of workers organized to promote, defend, develop and through collective actions."

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