Multi-Plate Clutch

Multi-Plate Clutch

Multi-plate Clutch is made of several plates instead of just one platform, such as the single platform clutch.

Also due to multiple clutch plates the friction surface increased. The strength of the clutch to transmit the torque is also improved due to a number of friction surfaces.

Working Principle

The plates are connected separately to the motor shaft and shaft of the transmission system. They are firmly pressed and assembled in a drum style case by solid coil springs.

The other slides on splines on the pressure plate. On each of those slides the flywheel slides the groove, the other slides. Therefore, the inner and outer splines of each alternate clutch frame

◾ The multi-platform clutch operates the same as a single plate clutch when the clutch pedal is worked.
◾ The pressure plate rotates on the fluid and the friction plate is pressed.
◾ That forces the fastener and fastener shaft both.
◾ The pads are removed and the flywheel is still spinning when the pull pedal is pushed because the pressure plate is not completely extended. Thus clutch shaft also stops rotating.

Types of Multi-Plate Clutch

There are two types of Multi-Plate Clutches. Such impulses are used to relay automatically.

Multi-Plate wet Clutch It's called a wet clutch when the clutch is operated in an oil bath. In this embroidery sheet, thin steel plates mounted on the shaft (means the drive shaft) are fitted with the fuser shaft (means the drive shaft) and bronze phosphorus plates. Multi-plate clutch has grooved surfaces for the flow of oil. Such grooves reduce the heat generated by the process.

Multi-Plate dry Clutch When the clutch is operated dry it is called dry clutch. This clutch has plates with friction material the same as in single plate clutch.

Line Diagram


  • Multi-plate clutch transmits high torque because of the number of friction surfaces.
  • The overall diameter of Multi-plate clutch is reduced compare to the single plate clutch and transmit the same torque.
  • It is used in heavy vehicle and racing cars to transmit high torque.
  • It is used in two wheelers where there is a limitation of space.


  • Multi-plate clutches are too expensive.
  • Multi-plate clutches are heavy.


  • The multi-plate clutches are used in racing cars, and motorcycles.
  • The multi-plate clutch is used in heavy commercial vehicles to transmit high torque.

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