Labour Welfare: Meaning and Its Importance | Industries

Labour Welfare: Meaning and Its Importance | Industries

You will hear about the meaning and significance of job welfare after reading this article.

Meaning of Labour Welfare:

Working protection means the employer's voluntary efforts to provide better employment conditions in its own industries. The main purpose is to offer workers an improved standard of living, which has an effect on the wellbeing of the worker and an improvement in productive performance.

The physical, psychological and moral conditions of workers were strengthened by Labor welfare. Employment benefits include accommodation, health, education, rest facilities, recreation, canteen facilities, the right wages, reasonable working time, insurance, etc.

Efficiency increases significantly by supplying these services to the staff. Such facilities build confidence in the worker; he is satisfied and is therefore more interested in the work.

It also provides goodwill and a good relationship between workers reduces indiscipline and helps preserve industrial peace. Once workers have full equipment, they are free of problems and therefore operate with all energies and enthusiasm in the plant.

Insurance and good working conditions create an environment of safety and a sense of insecurity which is eliminated from the worker's mind, and he is therefore more involved in his job. Workers are increasingly greatly concerned about their issues with jobs, inadequate wages and expensive schooling.

If these issues are addressed, a large part of workers ' concerns are reduced and if its cultural uplift is taken care of by the provision of recreational facilities and cultural and social events, then the worker is committed to more physical and mental activity with total cordiality and interest.

Importance of Labour Welfare:

1. This enhances employees ' social and psychological conditions by facilities such as sports, cultural and leisure activities etc.  

2. Workers have greater confidence in their employer by offering facilities which will strengthen the industrial peace.

3. Once employees are consistently promoted and adequately understood, they feel and perform their tasks with the organization.

4. The staff are happy and excited by having all of these services. Workers are therefore becoming very involved in his work, leading to increased productivity.

5. The main factors influencing the health care of workers are noise and vibrations caused by the machines, smoke and debris, humidity, excessive moisture and lack of air ventilation. Periodic controls and medical facilities therefore help keep workers healthy and prevent damaging effects for the worker. Therefore, the worker will obviously work hard if he remains healthy.

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