Weigh-bridge: Electronic Weighbridge, Pit Type Weighbridge, Pitless Weighbridge and its Benefits


Electronic Weighbridge

Fully modern vehicle scales series ESMW (pit type metal panel weighbridge) and ESMW (pit less type metal panel weighbridge) are current generation products with excellent multi-structure truck scales scores. We are researching and developing ESMW and adopting it extensively now. They have been screened for a long time with heavy load and are being gradually optimized. Their primary beams and supplementary beams consist of stiff section steels such as I-steel. For its platform, high-quality steel sheets are chosen and used, and its body of scale is fairly divided into distinct components. During welding, we use the unique method and clamps, space placement accuracy measurement technology and sophisticated welding technology to guarantee the amount of big region, the geometry-dimension of room, and the rational allocation of weld stress.

All of the primary mechanical capacity is mainly reinforced, from its scale body's longitudinal anti-bending and horizontal anti-torque capability to its platform plate's compressive-rigidity portion.

Its surface layer is particularly completed: firstly, its scale structure is exclusively handled by dislodging antirust and oxide layer; secondly, the controlled ground is washed twice with high-quality epoxy and rich-zinc antirust paint; secondly, the antirust paint layer is washed with orange-vein acrylic acid polyurethane, which is generally used in shipbuilding. The abrasion, anti-pressure, anti-aging and antirust properties are therefore greatly enhanced.

The Electronic Static Weigh-bridge consists of an appropriately strengthened girders frame with transverse beams and an appropriate non-slip top deck with Pit less & Pit type structure. The full steel frame is installed on the Double Ended Load Cell / Double Ended Shear Beam / Compression Type Load Cells (4, 6, 8 & 10 No's. Load Cells) strain gage, based on the platform's duration. A strain gage detects the shear stress generated by the load, complete bridge circuit, and transforms it into an analog electrical signal. Signal is supplied to the Junction Box from each loadcell. Junction Box output is supplied to the Intelligent Terminal weighbridge based on microprocessor. Terminal digitizers ' handling equipment the signal from the Junction-box using an ADC is recorded on the LED display depending on time-proven quad path integration method and weight.

Pit Type Weighbridge

This form of weighbridge is best suited for locations with restricted room, e.g. non-hilly regions where pit building is not an expensive activity. Because the platform is level with the floor, from any direction cars can enter the weighbridge. This layout is preferred by most government weighbridges.

  • Lesser Space Required (As it has no ramps) Rickshaws & Tractor Trolleys can also be weighed
  • as platform is in flush with ground Level.
  • No Ramp require for turck movement because it is installed in land surface level

Pitless Weighbridge

This sort of weighbridge / truck scale is best suited where the base excavation job is challenging or pit building is costly. Since the building is above surface level, only from two ways where the lifts are supplied can cars enter the weighbridge. It takes more room for this sort of weighbridge.

  1. Costly Pit construction is eliminated.
  2. Platform above ground level- No water logging during rainy season
  3. Problem of pit maintenance is eliminated.
  4. Easy maintenance since all parts accessible above ground level.
In Pitless weighbridge RCC ramp work must be required atlest 3 meters for both side for easy movement of vehicle.

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