CO2 Molding

CO2 Molding


Co2 Casting is a sort of method of casting sand. The sand molding blend is strengthened in this phase by pouring gas over the mold. HoCO2 Moldingbby metal casters favor this method because a lot of cost reduction can be achieved. Additionally, with good surface finish, one can be sure to get dimensionally precise castings. This method, however, is not economic than the method of green sand casting.


The Mold for Co2 Casting consists of a combination of sand and silicate liquid binder that is strengthened by carrying Co2 gas over the mold. Co2 cylinder, regulator, hoses and hand held applicator weapon or nozzle are included in the molding process facilities. Carbon dioxide molding provides excellent manufacturing precision.

For the molding function that can be put in the mold before the mold is hardened, any current model can be used. This technique enables to create powerful molds and cores that can be used in high-end apps. If the process is performed closely, testing can be as accurate as the technique of making the shell.

For a variety of factors, carbon dioxide casting is preferred by business foundrymen as well as hobbyists. Foundrymen can ensure inexpensive castings for clients in business activities that involve less machining. For casting processes that involve velocity, large manufacturing cycles and flexibility, the molding process that can be fully automated is usually used. This is one of the easiest processes in house foundries that enhances the casting performance.


Co2 casting method is optimal where the primary necessity is velocity and flexibility. This method can be used to mold molds and cores of varying dimensions and forms.

  • Compared to other casting methods cores and molds are strong
  • Reduces fuel cost since gas is used instead of to other costly heating generating elements
  • Reduces large requirement for number of mold boxes and core dryers
  • Provides great dimensional tolerance and accuracy in production
  • Moisture is completely eliminated from the molding sand
  • This process can be fully automated.

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