Work Study: Definition, Role and Objectives

Definition of Work Study:

"Work study is a generic term for those techniques, in particular method study and work measurement, which are used in all its context and which lead systematically to the investigation of all the factors affecting the effectiveness and economy of the situation being reviewed for improvement."

The primary goal of the work study is to enhance man, machine and material productivity. The objective of the research of job is to determine the finest technique of performing each procedure and to eliminate waste in order to increase output with less fatigue. The study of work is also used to determine the standard time a skilled worker should take to perform the operation when working in a normal position.

Work study is a method that addresses the following issues:
(a) How the job should be done and 
(b) how long it should take for the job to be completed.

Motion Study or Method Study or Work Simplification is the answer to the first question. The Time Study or Work Measurement is the answer to the second issue.

Role of Work Study:
1. To standardize the way a job is done, 
2. To minimize manufacturing price per unit, 
3. To determine a task's normal time, 
4. To minimize the motion of materials and carriers, 
5. To eliminate unwanted motions of humans. 
6. To make the most effective use of equipment such as person, machine and equipment, and 
7. To a thorough study of all variables.

Objectives of Work Study:

The following are the job research goals:

1. Efficiency gain, 
2. Better quality of the product, 
3. Selecting the easiest way to do a task, 
4. To enhance the method of working, 
5. Operators and employees less fatigue, 
6. Effective control of labor, 
7. Effective resource utilization, 
8. Formulating genuine budgeting for labor,
9. To determine the demands for machinery. 
10. To pay reasonable salaries. 
11. To help calculate accurate shipment, and
12. To determine the resources needed to do a task.

Advantages of Work Study:

The benefits of studying the job are as follows:

1. Studying the work guarantees greater efficiency, 
2. Better, less fatigued operating circumstances, 
3. Workers ' higher salaries, 
4. Uniform stream of manufacturing, 
5. Workers ' satisfaction and safety at work, 
6. Production cost reduction unit, 
7. Products of quality for customers, 
8. Schedule of fast shipment, 
9. Harmonious relationship between employer and employee, and
10. Better customer service.

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