Techniques for Improving the Productivity

Techniques for Improving the Productivity of an Organization!

1. Task Based Techniques:

The following technique could be used to base these:

i.. Measurement of work (review of time) 
ii. Study of the motion / simplification of the work (review of the method) 
iii. Analysis of the job 
iv. Assessment of job and rating of merit. 
V. Ergonomics (human causes) 
vi. Timing of production

2. Product Based Technique:

The following may be included:

i. Classification and coding of products 
ii. Research & Development. 
iii. Product design reliability and enhancement 
iv. Standardization of product 
v. Simplification of product 
vi. Diversification of the product 
vii. Specialization of the product.

3. Technology Based Methods:

The following may be included:

i. Design assisted by the computer 
ii. Computer Process planning assisted 
iii. Computer assisted in the production of 
iv. Computer embedded production (CIM) 
v. Computer assisted in the assessment of engineering 
vi. Computer assisted in the vii review. Group 
Viii technology. Robotics & timely (JIT) 
ix. Management of maintenance 
x. Reconditioning & future prediction of automation of machinery.

4. Material Based Techniques:

The following may be included:

i. Planning of Material Requirement (MRP) 
ii. Control of inventory 
iii. Inventory leadership idea just in time 
iv. Management of materials and quality control 
v. Handling of materials.

5. Employee Based Methods:

Employees can be motivated by implementing the following methods to enhance efficiency:

i. Individual employee incentive systems 
ii. Employee collective incentive systems 
iii. Goals management 
iv. Fringe employee benefits and work expansion 
v. Employee recognition and penalty 
vi. Total Management of Quality (TQM) 
vii. Zero employee deficiency advantages.

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