Method Study: Concept, Definition and Scope

Concept and Definition:

Method research is performed primarily to simplify job or techniques of working and must be directed towards greater productivity. Performing the required feature with required objective of minimal resource consumption is always desirable. Method means how to do a job, i.e. describe how we use funds to accomplish our goal?

Methods are an essential component of the job and mean:

1. How well our techniques use the restricted funds accessible, such as manpower, machinery, equipment and cash. 
2. How our techniques influence the unit's manufacturing performance physically. 
3. The production quality achieved by applying our techniques.

Methods can therefore determine the quantity of input components, time capacity and cash spent. Methods can therefore be regarded the heart where one can try to decrease resource consumption by decreasing costs per unit production by using appropriate techniques. The process layout can determine the generated production price and quality.

Method Study may be defined as:

"A method for examining the multiple operations connected with the issue that guarantees a systematic, objective and critical assessment of the current variables as well as an creative strategy while creating changes."

There are three aspects of its application:

(1) Extensive inquiry and enhancement of the shop / section, the design of facilities and machinery and the motion of people and materials are the correct methodology.

(2) The research of motion involves a more thorough inquiry of the individual worker / operator, the design of his devices, instruments, jigs and structures, and the motion of his arms when performing his work. Also part of the inquiry is the ergomics element, i.e. survey of the setting, body postures, sound amount and surrounding temperature.

 (3) Micro movement survey, i.e. a much more thorough survey of the very fast movement of the different worker's arms.

Motion study is therefore an assessment of material flow and handling and men's motions through or at different job stations. Thus the study of motion analyzes the human activities that constitute an operation. Whereas analysis of methods or methods has been defined as: "systematic procedure for critical analysis of movements made by men, materials and machines in any work performed."

Now because by definition process research involves studying all facets of human job and all variables influencing the job in order to consider movement study as part of the research of technique.

Scope of Method Study:

The job of simplifying the job and designing the work system is consistent with the following:

(i) store ground layout and job area or job station layout.

(ii) working circumstances, i.e., ergomics, etc. 

(iii) handling distances (motion of materials) 

(iv) tools and machinery used.

(V) to achieve quality standards.

(vi) Production objectives for operators and activities.

(vii) Substances to be used.

(viii) Available and needed power.

(ix) Cycle time to work.

(x) Processes of work.

All these variables are linked to the research of the technique and there may be improvements:

(a) Short term:

The changes that can be rapidly and economically implemented. Management and workforce may concern these.

(b) Long term:

Improvements that are currently not appropriate to leadership and involve excellent investment. Improving process development strategy is crucial as a technique outlines how to use the resource to transform it into required production (final goods) to achieve the objective through a network of equipment.

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