Factors Affecting Productivity

The different factors decisions are listed below:

1. Man Power:

Selection i.e. correct person choice for a particular work Applying well-known division of labor stating. Training i.e. consideration of learning criteria whether training should be given in the plant itself or sent to other factories within the nation or overseas or instruction centers for coaching outside the department. Number of staff needed i.e. man energy requirement scheduling in each of the necessary competence branches.

2. Equipment and Machines:

The amount of machine tools needed, their ability and equipment, organisation and maintenance plans substitution strategy, etc.

3. Input Materials:

i. Appropriate material quality 

ii. Planning of material requirements (M.R.P.) 

iii. Replacement of 

iv equipment used. Inspection of materials entry at different points

V. Procurement and processing of products up to shops.

4. Time:

For the following purposes, time is important:

i. Inspection of components needed for installation, i.e. raw materials and semi-finished or completed products. 

ii. Time for completed product inspection.

iii. Time of production (complete production time). 

iv. Time for machine and machinery repair and servicing.

5. Floor Area or Space:

i. Total zone covered by departments of administrative block, manufacturing facility and inspection & quality control, etc.

ii. Various departments and stores location, etc.

iii. Another area enclosed by the design of the plant.

6. Power or Energy:

i. Maintenance of energy-saving machinery

ii. Use of appliances for renewable power 

iii. Use of biogas, photovoltaic cells, solar power and other techniques that are not conventional.

7. Finance:

In order to preserve all the above demands, finance is needed. Management should be rather optimal for the minimum funding.

8. Movement of Man and Materials:

i. The necessary personnel movement within the 

ii plant. The movement within the plant of semi-finished raw material and completed products/items.

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